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An even continuous fat layer
The fatpump is an essential part of the laminator as an even distribution of fat on the dough is vital.

In our program we have a range of fatpumps for different capacities such as:

  • Type A-40
  • Type A-60
  • Type A-80
  • Type MH-42

The unit as you can see in the picture, is build on a movable frame in order to enable you to clean the unit elsewhere. Also the construction is such that you will have easy access to the transport screws, the hopper and the mono pump for easy cleaning. The pump is positioned next to the production line and via a flexible tube and a nozzle the fat is distributed as a sheet on top of the dough.

The nozzle is of such a design that the flow of the fat is regulated to create an even sheet all over the width. Also the flow-speed in the nozzle can be adjusted.