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Sheeting line / make-up line

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BVT Bakery Services offers you a wide choice of universal make-up lines for a great variety of pastry products.

Pastry products can be made of different doughs such as short paste, yeast dough, puff pastry and yeast raised laminated pastry.

In the first and second option we use a three-roll-sheeter or a stress free sheeter to produce a band of dough, which, when required, is reduced by a two-roll sheeter and in case of yeast dough, also by a multi cross-roller.

In case of the third and the fourth option the band of dough has to be supplied by a laminator, located in front of the make-up line.

The make-up line itself offers a possibility to cut, fill, fold, die cut, spray, sprinkle etc, in order to shape your very own and characteristic product.

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