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Bread line

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BVT Bakery Services offers you a choice of bread lines
for resp. tin bread, floor bread, toast, ciabatta and baguettes.

The BVT Bakery Services Tin bread line is  specially designed to produce tin bread with different kinds of toppings. The bread line works with a fully automatic depanning system. The BVT bread line is a.o. executed with automatic baking tin storage, proofers, in- outfeed of ovens, depanners, cooling spirals and robotic crate handling for packaging.

For the production of ciabatta we offer you our sheeting lines in a stress free execution which can handle doughs with up  to 80% of water. We produce an endless sheet of dough, cut the dough in strips, spread the strips and cut the various shapes required. In this way we can produce any size in any capacity.

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For the production of baguettes we also use our sheeting systems, producing again an endless band of dough, cutting this band of dough in rectangular pieces and rolling up these pieces with a special baguette rolling system. Of course this system allows a great choice of sizes being made, just by changing units.