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BVT Vacuum Cooling

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At BVT Vacuum Cooling, we believe we can turn 3000 years of baking history upside down. For centuries people believed that only by decreasing the baking curve, high quality bread could be created.

Our new vacuum technology demonstrates the traditional method can be improved significantly as it currently harms the baking process. Plus, our advanced methods show a significant saving in energy consumption.

How do we make this possible?

By the creation of our newest solution that offers maximum efficiency to
your production; the Vacuum Cooling system, a system which improves
the capacity, efficiency and quality of your entire line of production. We offer the system as a batch operation or as an in-line continuous industrial solution.
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The system offers your production:

  • ±30% reduction of baking time and therefore ±30% increase of
       oven capacity
  • Averagely 30% increase of oven capacity
  • Higher output to possible stock
  • Reduction in production costs per unit
  • Reduction of the production of the substance acrylamide
  • Cooling the baked goods and not the equipment, resulting in lower
        energy consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs (compared to frozen components)
  • Energy saving: blast freezer 50 kW/h (per 100kg) compared to
       1.0 kW/h by with our vacuum system
  • Significant shelf life extension

BVT BatchVaC video:           https://youtu.be/x0wFVHv5iJk
BVT ContinuousVaC video:  https://youtu.be/-QwudPTuMeQ

For more information please call our office number or send an e-mail to: info@bvtbs.com