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Donut Line

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Donut line

BVT's industrial donut line is based on the sheeting principle. Forming the sheet into the desired thickness happens completely stress-free. In this way the structure of the dough will maintain optimum.

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Next, the donuts are cut out with a special guided cutting-unit. After removing the return dough and any remaining flour, the donuts continue automatically onto the proofer.

A special loading station, developed by BVT, places the products correctly in a straight row in the proofer.  This ensures that the product is proofed within the predetermined proving time and perfect climate conditions. The balanced "climate-system" grants an optimal air distribution.
The donut line of BVT gives a lot of extra value to the end product because of the special care it puts into the dough structure. This careful treatment leads to less fat absorption of the donuts. With this donut line BVT offers the client also flexibility. With minor alterations different shapes donuts and other products can be produced. Besides that, the open construction ensures optimum maintenance and cleaning convenience. Based on the standard size donut,  BVT offers the complete process as a turn-key solution.